Alex Revell says the fruits of having a solid plan and a set way of playing are now being reaped by Stevenage and their players.

The 1-0 victory over Harrogate Town was Boro's sixth game without defeat and the fourth without conceding a goal.

It has shot them up the League Two table to 15th, a far cry from the turn of the year when they sat second from bottom, three points behind Grimsby Town.

And their resurgence, three defeats in the 15 league games in 2021, is simple according to the boss.

He said: "[The win over Harrogate] shows how far we have come.

"I’m really happy with the result. Yes there are lots of improvements [to be made], you’re not going to win like we did at Forest Green every week.

"We didn’t quite see the patterns today but as a group sometimes, you have to win like that and the players have put in absolutely everything to win that.

"Football is about winning and we weren’t doing it enough. We are improving that and we now have to work on these patterns and believe in what we are doing a bit more maybe, then we will win even more.

"Consistency coming from the same players playing but it also comes from a clear message and plan of how we are going to play.

"And it comes from the players enjoying what they are doing.

"If you put a plan together and it doesn’t suit a player, they are not going to enjoy playing.

"The good thing is we have now spoke to them and said made sure that what we want to do suits them. We are now concentrating in that and what you are seeing is a lot of hard work behind the scenes and the learning of the players."

The run has even thrown the play-offs into the thoughts of some and will that notion may be fanciful, it does raise the intriguing thought of exactly what Boro could achieve next time around.

Revell is not getting ahead of himself though and says even if he wanted to, football at this level wouldn't allow it.

He said: "We all want to plan and it is easier to play with a clear plan in place but it’s very hard to plan too far ahead.

"There will be a lot of players out of contract and you can get in a mess trying to think about it.

"For us it is about concentrating about now and getting as high as we can.

"We can’t forget where we were in the summer. This was a tough year, I don’t believe anyone understands how hard it was to put a group together with everything going on.

"But these players took the decision to come to this club when they didn’t know where we’d be.

"That’s a big thing.

"We’ve got this real togetherness which I believe is the strongest we have had for some time and now we are seeing the rewards from that.

"I want to see this club grow from this but my plans are now for the next game.

"We’ll just build like that and then we can have a real idea of what we can do next year."