A Stevenage running club has collected more than 26 carrier bags of essential items for Knebworth Foodbank.

Stevenage Phoenix Running Club decided to take part in a national foodbank run from Stevenage to Knebworth. 

A "tremendous" amount was donated for the vital cause, which is run independently by Darren Gilbert and other volunteers in Knebworth.

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Chris Leigh, who set up the running club, said: "It was a great cause to support and also doing a run from Stevenage to Knebworth was a brilliant idea to help give back to the community too."

Founder of Knebworth Foodbank Darren Gilbert added: "This was the second time Stevenage Phoenix Running Club had done this foodbank run and was very thankful to all club members for raising awareness and donating essential food items.

"We are an independent foodbank not connected to any major supermarkets and depend on the local communities support to keep us going and have been well supported thus far.

"We now support in excess of over 30 individuals/families every Saturday 9am to 11am at Knebworth Foodbank, located to the rear of Knebworth Post Office in Station Road."