Drug and alcohol treatment centre, Resolve, has been granted £7,500 by the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, to ensure the charity can deliver its programme in the town.

Resolve's day service in the Welwyn Hatfield area works directly with health professionals and agencies and in conjunction with commissioned services, enhancing service provision in Herts.

Resolve is the only daily adult drug and alcohol treatment service in Letchworth. This latest award will help fund the shortfall due to the increases in cost that we are all experiencing.

This is the second grant that Resolve has received from the foundation in recent years. In October 2019, the charity received £25,000 to refit a building, enabling Resolve’s North Herts Service to open in Letchworth and expanding its offer and support programmes.

Joe Heeney, CEO of Resolve, said “Without this funding, we would have all sorts of issues, principally because you do not save any money by only using the unit some of the time, the rent is the same, utilities do not reduce all that much, much the same as most other costs.

"But most importantly, our beneficiaries need us to be there as much of the time as we can. LGCHF have kindly offered multi-year funding too and this is even more helpful as we can plan and have some security in knowing that there is also funding coming next year that we can rely on.

"This is invaluable to small/medium-sized charities such as Resolve, and we are so grateful to the LGCHF for this.

“In addition, we were honoured to learn that Resolve had won the Business of the Year North Herts Award for our North Herts Service and was Highly Commended.

"All these things are due to the incredible work of our people, but none of it would be possible if we did not have the funding we need to deliver our work.”

To find out more about Resolve and how to access their services, visit resolve-online.org.

The next deadline for grant applications is Sunday, September 25. To find out how to apply for a Communities Looking Forward grant from Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, visit Letchworth.com/grants.