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PUBLISHED: 12:06 27 April 2006 | UPDATED: 10:03 06 May 2010

Slither (15) An alien parasite crashes to earth in a sleepy southern American town and possesses the local bully. Nil points for originality but a highly enjoyable horror-comedy nonetheless. 4/5 * 16 Blocks (12A) Thriller starring Bruce Willis, as, refres

Slither (15) An alien parasite crashes to earth in a sleepy southern American town and possesses the local bully. Nil points for originality but a highly enjoyable horror-comedy nonetheless. 4/5

* 16 Blocks (12A) Thriller starring Bruce Willis, as, refreshingly, a burnt out cop rather than his usual action hero. Willis is tasked with getting a prisoner across Manhattan for a high-profile court case. 3/5

* The Moguls (15) Jeff Bridges stars as a small town chap who convinces his friends to help him make an amateur porn film. Some good characters but ultimately not as funny as it could be. 2/5

* American Dreamz (12A) The man behind American Pie and the big-screen adaptation of About A Boy lays into easier targets such as Simon Cowell's American Idol programmes and President Buch. Hugh Grant stars as the sarcastic British host of a talent show while Denis Quaid is the recently re-elected by somewhat confused President. 3/5

* Silent Hill (15) A big screen adaptation of a video game that fairs reasonably well and is almost devoutly faithful to its source material. Radha Mitchell stars as a mum searching for her missing daughter in the deserted, spooky town of the title. 3/5

* Eight Below (PG) Dogs are the stars of this remake of Koreyoshi Kurahara's 1983 film Antarctica. A team of sled dogs fight for survival after three scientists are forced to leave them behind. 3/5

* Tristan and Isolde (12A) A love story which pre-dates even Romeo and Juliet, this tells of English knight Tristan, who wins lovely Irish princess Isolde for his surrogate father. But Tristan and Isolde only have eyes for each other... 3/5

* The Mistress of Spices (12A) There's more than a touch of Chocolat about this story of an Indian immigrant to San Francisco who has magical power over the spices she sells. Part rom-com part magic realism, it's a combination that doesn't necessarily work all that well. 2/5

* Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (U) Diego the sabre-toothed tiger, Sid the sloth and Manny the mammoth are trying to get themselves to the safety of a giant ark before the ice dam melts and drowns their frozen valley. Not quite up there with the likes of Shrek, but a jolly hour-and-a-half's animated entertainment. 4/5

* An American Haunting (15) An old-fashioned ghost story staring Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek, based supposedly on real events. It's well made enough but the script and characters are a little underdeveloped. 3/5

* Take The Lead (12A) We dare you not to boogie in your seat as Antonio Banderas takes on the role of a dance teacher who gives ballroom dancing lessons to pupils from a deprived inner-city school. Not the most original film-making you'll ever come across but it's helped along by some highly enjoyable - and infectious - dancing. 3/5

* Scary Movie 4 (15) The fourth of this dire franchise sends up The Grudge, The Village, War Of The Worlds, and for some unknown reason - given that they're not horror films - Brokeback Mountain and Million Dollar Baby. 1/5

* Alien Autopsy (12A) TV favourites Ant and Dec star in their first film, a funny and silly tale of a pair of friends who try to fake a film of an alien autopsy after the footage they have of a genuine one at Roswell corrodes. 3/5

* She's The Man (12A) Likeable but unremarkable teen movie re-telling of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. A tomboy banned from the soccer team poses as her brother at his new school, but ends up falling for a team mate. 2/5

* The Shaggy Dog (U) This tale of a man who turns into a dog achieves the ultimate family movie goal of appealing to adults and children alike. Danny Glover, Kristin Davis, Tim Allen and Robert Downey Jnr star. 4/5

* Yours, Mine and Ours (PG) Frothy and forgettable 'two families coming together with lots of children and hi-jinx' comedy. Rene Russo and Dennis Quaid as a widow and widower who marry and end up living with 18 children and a pig. 2/5

* Inside Man (15) A pacy thriller from Spike Lee, staring Denzel Washington as a police officer and Clive Owen as a clever robber who takes hostages at a bank. Jodi Foster takes a super bitchy turn as a dealmaker. 4/5

* The Pink Panther (PG) Steve Martin takes on the role of Inspector Clouseau in a film that isn't quite as bad it could have been but still is no masterpiece. 2/5

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