What’s that sound? If it’s weird, it must be Walter booking in at Hitchin’s Victoria venue

Walter J Wallis

Walter J Wallis - Credit: Archant

It’s fair to say that the artist who appears on stage under the name of Sir Walter J. Wallis has no interest in splashing around in the musical mainstream.

If you think Michael Bublé is cutting edge and reckon a slick night of Abba hits from a tribute band is as good as it gets, he’s not for you.

But if you’re intrigued by a performer who has been summed up in the past as part Seasick Steve, part Sly & The Family Stone and part Captain Beefheart, you can savour the man in performance in Hitchin next week.

What’s billed as an April Fool’s weekend of musical carnage has been booked in for the night of Saturday, April 2, at the town’s Victoria pub.

Let’s let the man himself tell you what’s in store: “A platter of psychedelic swamp-filled dirty rocking blues will be served up by Mr H. Claw on drums, Meadows Lee on bass and Phil ‘Vintage & Modern Guitar Shop’ Carwardine on guitar with yours truly on rhythm making, poetry and valves.”

And it won’t cost you a penny, so how could you resist?

You can find out more about the man online at sirwalterjwallis.com or on Facebook by searching his name.

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But those who keep an eye on the musical scene will know that his most recent album UkedeliA was breathlessly described as a cocktail of love, longing and loud-as-a-loon driving bass, guitar and drums with ballads cranked and squeezed through feedback and distortion.

If that sounds like your sort of night, you’ll pick the Vic for that Saturday night session.