Stuart O’Connor Go Forth album launch

A world touring singer-songwriter, who is also a major artist on the Venue music scene, is launching his fourth album in Hitchin.

Folk-pop-jazz-rock-indie-prog? It’s hard to pin down guitarist and singer Stuart O’Connor, but hard working he most definitely is.

After playing over 1,300 shows overseas, he will be back from yet another European tour this week, ready to release Go Forth The Bright Scenic at Club85 on Saturday.

Going back to basics, and celebrating the physical music format, the album will be available on cassette (I know I’ve got a tape player somewhere…), double vinyl LP, CD, as well as USB memory stick. And depending on which format you buy, you’ll get a different selection of songs.

Stuart said: “I wanted to give the listener the opportunity to choose which route they take.”

He said the album title is inspired by beat poet Jack Karouac’s On The Road.

“I recently read a copy and having spent the majority of the last six years touring it resonated with me. So the title is like a mantra to remember to keep active and motivated.

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“The theme to the music is fairly varied but since the release of my third album I have toured New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Italy, Holland, UK and three separate tours of Japan. So the life on the road has had a lot to do with what has shaped the new material.

“I have also collaborated with musicians from Japan, Italy and the US on the new material as well as a wonderful collection of home rown talent.”

Saturday’s show will feature Stuart’s full band - Riad Abji on double bass, Vicky Flint playing trumpet, Leon Camfield on drums and Dave Smale, piano.

Support on the night is from Phillip Storey, Craig Harris and The October Games’ Owen Stephen.

Entry is a fiver on the door from 7.45pm.