Polish punk at Rhythms

Right, it’s the second instalment of Venue’s countdown to Rhythms of the World in our attempt to give you a taste of the magical multi flavoured ice-cream that is the Hitchin festival.

This week we take a look at R.U.T.A otherwise known as (get ready for this) Ruch Utopii, Trancendencji, Anarchii aka Reakcyjina Unia Terrorystyczno-Artystowska – or in English – The Reactionary Terrorist-Artistic Union aka The Movement of Utopia, Transcendence and Anarchy. Yes, R.U.T.A.

This is punk – medieval Polish style. Using traditional instrumentation and a rebellious ethos, this mega Warsaw-based band are a stomping, shouting, infectiously rampaging outfit.

Check out the ancient Polish fiddles, frame and baraban drums as well as violins, sax, bass clarinet, saw and double bass as they whip the crowd up into a fun riot.

In their own words they represent: “Four centuries of misery, poverty and slavery enchanted in diabolical compositions. Bloody sounds as simple and honest as they could be. Old instruments, folk poetry and universal message. Eternally valid. According to a druidic rule – truth against the world.”

R.U.T.A play the main stage on Saturday at 6.45pm.

Tickets for the festival (�10 adults, �5 youths) can be bought from Harvest Moon, Merryfields Newsagents, Hitchin Initiative, Club85 and The Victoria in Hitchin, David’s Music in Letchworth and Coda Music in Stevenage, or from www.rotw.org.uk