Musician Helen's new name to avoid mix-up

Helen Meissner has changed her musical name to Helefonix

Helen Meissner has changed her musical name to Helefonix - Credit: Helen Meissner

A record label founder from Hertfordshire has changed her musical name ahead of the release of her latest single.

MidLifeMix, aka Walkern-based Folkstock Records boss Helen Meissner, has become Helefonix to avoid a mix-up with another online presence with a similar sounding moniker.

Helefonix aka Helen Meissner

Helefonix aka Helen Meissner - Credit: Helen Meissner

After spending the last six months developing a business and being very active on social media, winning awards and getting support from radio presenters across the UK and abroad, Helen discovered that someone in the US objected to the name she had chosen.

And they asked her to change it. In strong terms.

"I couldn’t believe it," said Helen. 

"I was so happy to have finally come up with a name back in the summer which was not used on any platform – MidLifeMix.

Helefonix is Helen Meissner's new musical name

Helefonix is Helen Meissner's new musical name - Credit: Helen Meissner

"It perfectly suited what I was doing [electronic genre fluid dance music] and then for someone to say, in effect, ‘please change and don’t make this difficult for both of us’, seemed such a cruel blow.

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"I looked into it legally, and I was on solid ground.

"The name was not the same but the other business was based in America, and I know they have ‘no win, no fee’ lawyers circling like vultures for this kind of thing.

"Did I need the hassle? She wasn’t even doing music, but people apparently kept asking her if we were linked and tagging her instead of me on Instagram.

"So I had some hard thinking to do."

Helefonix new logo

Helefonix new logo - Credit: Helen Meissner

Helen decided to rebrand as Helefonix, creating a new logo thanks to help from Amy Pettingill’s Art Box.

She said: "In the end I felt that I would try to find another unique name which perhaps was more personal and reflected my music and not just my age!

"Starting a music career at 54 was something of a surprise during lockdown and I didn’t know how it was going to pan out.

"As it happens I’ve been played a number of times by Slava and Trev on SG1 Radio and interviewed in a 20-minute feature about my music on BBC Three Counties Radio, thanks to Mike Naylor.

"I’ve also won two awards from American independent music magazine, Clouzine."

Helen is launching her new artist name Helefonix with latest CD, Orchestral Manoeuvres, which is being released on Friday, February 26.

Helen Meissner aka Helefonix in the studio recording. 

Helen Meissner aka Helefonix in the studio recording. - Credit: Helen Meissner