Ickleford lobster Greg in Ninja Warrior UK semi-final tomorrow night

Greg Trevelyan on Ninja Warrior UK. Picture: Ninja Warrior UK, Saturdays, 6.30pm, ITV

Greg Trevelyan on Ninja Warrior UK. Picture: Ninja Warrior UK, Saturdays, 6.30pm, ITV - Credit: ITV

Ickleford’s lobster-costumed champion Greg Trevelyan says he’s enjoying being a famous face ahead of his TV appearance in Ninja Warrior UK’s semi-final tomorrow night.

Greg reached the semi-final after smashing the ITV obstacle course in the first round – and enjoyed watching the show with a cheering crowd at Ickleford’s recreation ground last month.

The 41-year-old, who once ran the London Marathon dressed in the lobster suit to break a world record, said the course becomes much tougher this time around.

“There’s a lot of drama and a lot of fun again,” he told the Comet.

“There’s just a lot tougher obstacles to get through.

“It’s been excellent since the first show – I was at the recreation ground watching, and I’ve had a lot of people on Twitter and things, just talking about it. It’s really bizarre seeing all that.

“Back at work, too, a lot of people have been coming up and saying they recognise me. Five minutes of fame, I suppose – but it’s good while it lasts!

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“Enjoy watching it – I’ll gather my friends to watch it again in Ickleford, and I’m sure my family in Devon will be watching again too.”

Greg, who trained for Ninja Warrior UK while on holiday in Sicily, set a world record for fastest marathon dressed as a lobster back in 2016, when he completed the course in three hours and 17 minutes – but his time was beaten last year.

He intends to reclaim the world record as the fastest-ever crustacean marathon runner next year.

Ninja Warrior UK is on each Saturday at 6.30pm on ITV. You can catch up on previous episodes at itv.com.

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