'You have no authority here' – Musician's single with internet star Jackie Weaver

Husband and wife Joe Rose and Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix, have released a single with Jackie Weaver.

Husband and wife Joe Rose and Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix, are releasing a single with Jackie Weaver. - Credit: Helen Meissner

A North Herts record label boss and musician has teamed up with parish council meeting internet sensation Jackie Weaver on a new single.

"You have no authority here Jackie Weaver, no authority at all..."

Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix .

Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix. - Credit: Helen Meissner

Walkern music promoter turned record producer Helen Meissner has created a pop song with Jackie Weaver, who became an internet star earlier this year after a Zoom meeting of Handforth Parish Council went viral.

Impressed with how Jackie handled the overbearing aggression from the online meeting's protagonists, Helen, who goes under the music name of Helefonix, sent a supportive message to Jackie via Twitter.

"I didn’t think any more of it, so was astonished a few days later when Jackie responded," said Helen.

"I then had an idea – would she be up for making a track together? And astonishingly she was!

"There was so much that could go wrong – the project could fail at any number of hurdles."

Jackie Weaver 

Jackie Weaver, who has joined forces with Helefonix and Joe Rose to release single Jackie Weaver’s Kicked Him Out. - Credit: Supplied by Helen Meissner

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Once the backing track had been approved, vocals were added, including those of Royston accountant John Froggett, aka singer Joe Rose.

Helen said: "I had to think about which phrases to use and how to weave them into the track in a way that made sense. Then record Jackie’s vocals and that of the males with the help of my husband, Joe Rose. 

"The whole thing took five days from start to finish!"

Jackie Weaver's Kicked Him Out single artwork.

Jackie Weaver's Kicked Him Out single artwork. - Credit: Helen Meissner

The result, Jackie Weaver's Kicked Him Out by Helefonix featuring Jackie Weaver and Joe Rose, is released on all the usual streaming and download platforms on Monday, March 15. 

The single is already attracting attention far and wide, and has been featured in the national newspapers, on TV news and chat shows including Jeremy Vine's Channel 5 show, music magazines, and on Radio 1's Newsbeat.

Jackie Weaver said: “Helen was just like a... well I was going to say a breath of fresh air, but it was actually more like a whirlwind, very enthusiastic, and also very inclusive.

"So she had lots of exciting ideas of her own but was also very open to listening to who Jackie was. It was nice to feel part of the creative process, which is where the section ‘Make a Change’ comes from."

Singer Joe Rose contributes to single Jackie Weaver’s Kicked Him Out’ by Helefonix ft. Jackie Weaver 

Singer Joe Rose contributes to single Jackie Weaver’s Kicked Him Out’ by Helefonix ft. Jackie Weaver - Credit: Supplied by Helen Meissner

Helen added: “Let’s Make A Change is the serious message behind this fun track.

"It’s unfortunately a necessary reminder that we still need to ‘call out’ this kind of bullying misogynistic behaviour and challenge the status quo.

"Disrespectful heckling pervades society from the House of Commons and spills into our living rooms via our TV screens.

"We need more people from all walks of life to truly represent their communities.” 

Jackie Weaver’s Kicked Him Out is on general release on Monday, March 15.

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