Graphic Novel Review: Victorian Undead

(Titan �14.99)

Writer Ian Edington, artist Davide Fabbri

IT’S Sherlock Holmes vs zombies! What more do you need? The world’s greatest detective investigates a zombie outbreak that threatens to overwhelm 19th century London in one of the most innovative new series of recent years…

When a mysterious meteor streaked across London’s skies in 1854, it brought the recently dead back to life, a deadly threat only kept under control by the efforts of Her Majesty’s Secret Service. But 20 years later, the Napoleon of Crime, Professor James Moriarty, has begun using these zombies as part of his bid to bring down the Government, resulting in the intervention of consulting sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion John Watson…

Not only a first-rate zombie comic, but also an excellent addition to the Holmes mythology, though quite what Conan Doyle would have made of his most famous creation battling the walking dead is something we will unfortunately never know.

Although Victorian Undead obviously has no qualms about exploiting the current wave of interest in zombies, it does so with such style and aplomb that you can’t help but love it. The attention to detail is first rate, and Edgington captures the characters of Holmes and Watson admirably (thanks no doubt to his recent work adapting the Holmes novels into a comics format), whilst never descending into gross-out horror for depravity’s sake.