Gideon Conn heads storming solo night at Vic

A night dedicated to storming solo performers takes place at The Vic this weekend.

The barn in the garden of the Hitchin pub is the intimate venue for a triple-header with Gideon Conn, Stuart O’Connor and Joe Ferris on Saturday.

Conn, a singer-songwriter-rapper-entertainer looks like a maths geek, but sings and plays like a 1940s jazz guitarist who has invented hip hop - Jurassic 5 style.

With his live band tucked up in bed, Manchester’s favourite oddball son will be going solo with his acoustic.

Hitchin’s erstwhile My Pet Junkie and travelling troubadour, Stuart O’Connor will be bringing his magical overlays to the party, which if you haven’t seen, are worth the ticket on its own.

Supporting them, and turning the air a shade of bright blue, is Joe Ferris – self-styled “anarchist, socialist, Buddhist and gobsh*te”.

With songs like Chlamydia Blues and Pissing Out My Bumhole – it’s not John Denver.

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Advance tickets are �3 from the bar, and four on the door.