Gaming Cheats

The pick of this week’s computer game cheats

Transformers: War For Cybertron


Beat the Autobot campaign to unlock Arcee while completing the Decepticon campaign will unlock Slipstream. Both characters can be used in Escalation and multiplayer modes.

MotoGP 09/10


To get your hands on a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR bike, simply beat level 20, while completing level 26 will unlock a Yamaha YZR-M1.

Most Read

Earthworm Jim HD

Xbox 360

Defeat Billy the Bin to be able to equip your Avatar with an Earthworm Jim t-shirt or beat a Bonus Stage to unlock a Supersuit.

SimAnimals: Africa


Pause the game and go to the Code menu. Enter ‘fcwj6w’ to unlock your very own pink elephant.

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