Walkern's Frankie Meades, 8, records Christmas single Jingle Bell Rock

Frankie Meades singing Jingle Bell Rock

Frankie Meades singing Jingle Bell Rock - Credit: Supplied by Helen Meissner

A dream really has come true for eight-year-old Walkern schoolboy Frankie Meades, who has recorded a version of Jingle Bell Rock.

After being overheard by a neighbour who just happened to be a record producer, Frankie has found himself releasing a cover of the famous Christmas track and being signed to a record label.

Frankie Meades' single Jingle Bell Rock

Frankie Meades' single Jingle Bell Rock - Credit: Supplied by Helen Meissner

“It seemed almost too good to be true,” said Helen Meissner from Folkstock Records who ‘discovered’ Frankie.

“I was outside on a hot day in August and heard someone having the time of their life singing along to Olivia Rodrigo. Eventually I located the voice and invited him, via his parents, to my studio.  

"But would Frankie, at such a tender age, be interested? Or stick at it?

“Not only does Frankie have a lovely voice, he has a maturity and confidence way above his years, is articulate, reliable and not afraid to say what he does and doesn’t like. A welcome breath of fresh air.

"Frankie is fortunate in that his parents support his performance ambitions. He has singing lessons every week and is part of a drama group."

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Frankie has now been heard on various radio stations, including BBC Three Counties.

“I love singing and I think it’s really good to write your own songs too, because when you’re older you can make a song that might be so much better and you can look back at it,” said Frankie in an interview Leigh Chambers broadcast on Cambridge 105.

Leigh is not the only radio presenter to have shown an interest.

Slava Budin from SG1 Radio also featured the track on her Pik 'n' Mix show on Wednesday, December 15, and DJs from as far afield as Germany have been playing Frankie’s track.

Frankie Meades singing Jingle Bell Rock

Frankie Meades singing Jingle Bell Rock - Credit: Supplied by Helen Meissner

“We are overjoyed and so excited to see where Helen takes Frankie and the experience he will gain," said Jade and Ben Meades.

"Since Frankie has been working with Helen his confidence has grown and he’s loving every minute in the studio.

"What we have heard sounds amazing, and is a huge hit with friends and family.

"Frankie is really enjoying working with Helen as he says she makes it fun and is also very professional. He can’t wait to get back in the studio and create more music.”

Frankie Meades has recorded Jingle Bell Rock

Frankie Meades has recorded Jingle Bell Rock - Credit: Supplied by Helen Meissner

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