Fine bluesman stops off at Practice Roomz

Fine blues guitarist Derrin Nauendorf plays an intimate gig next week at a rehearsal studio as part of a UK tour.

The Australian rootsy singer with a fast-finger picking style and mean licks will be at The Practice Roomz in Pond Close, Stevenage Old Town on Thursday showcasing his first studio album in four years, Distant Empires.

Describing the album, he said: I definitely tried to test myself as an artist. I had a clear idea of what I was trying to say with my music and songwriting. It took me on a journey as I was writing the songs to places I had not explored before as an artist. I have no idea how it will be received. All I can say is I have enjoyed writing this album more than anything I have done previous to this.

“It was not easy and it took me quite a bit of time. Hopefully people will enjoy it. That is for them to decide. I can’t control that and I already accept the outcome whatever that is. All I can say is I have done the absolute best I could.”

Bring your own booze/plonk/lemonade and eight quid to get in and settle in for a treat.