Film Review: Jackass 3D

Directed by Jeff Tremaine. With Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, 2010 – 94mn – 18. Review by Walter Nichols.

There are some people out there who will never enjoy a good Jackass movie. Jackass 3D might just change their minds.

Jackass, a very 90s phenomenon of twenty-something year-olds filming themselves performing insane, dangerous and often disgusting stunts was seemingly put to rest with the advent of the noughties and endless YouTube copycats. But when Hollywood studios started embracing 3D last year, some genius realized that the new medium would be perfectly applied to Johnny Knoxville & Co. After all, the only thing better than watching someone climb into a portaloo full of animal dung, strapped in, and bungee jumped upside down – is to watch it in three-dimensions, with the dung and tears coming right at you.

It sounds awful, it sounds degenerate, and it’s both. It’s also, in the case of most stunts and pranks, absolutely inspired, and extremely difficult not to bust a rib laughing at. The film is without a doubt the best of any of the Jackass output, and in all honesty it’s what 3D really is for: a theme-park ride immersive sensory experience. The shenanigans feel all the more involving for it, and the expectation of something jumping out of the screen at you ups the level of nervous tension and anticipation, which makes the pay-offs even funnier. Cleverly as always, the gang keep the stunts coming one after the other, without pauses for a breather, so that the laughs accumulate. The whole thing is infectiously hilarious.

The BBFC’s rating of the film is predictable but telling: “Contains defecation, urination, strong nudity, and extremely crude and dangerous stunts.” If that doesn’t make you at least curious, there’s something wrong with you.

Star rating: 4 out of 5 stars