Artist Eleanor Breeze needs your help for her residency at Letchworth's Broadway Gallery

Artist Eleanor Breeze in her studio.

Artist Eleanor Breeze in her studio. - Credit: Supplied by Broadway Gallery

An artist is taking up residency at the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth – and she needs your help.

As part of the pilot project for The Letchworth Residency, the gallery has invited Eleanor Breeze to take over a space at the arts hub in The Arcade.

Eleanor will be producing a series of paintings based on life during lockdown, and wants to hear from the people of Letchworth and the surrounding areas about their experiences… so they can be immortalised in paint.

The Broadway Gallery will then exhibit the finished works later in the year.

Artists involved in the new Letchworth Residency will have a remit to encourage the participation of the local community.

Future residency artists will be selected via an open call but, for this pilot project, creatives have invited Cambridge-based Eleanor to participate.

The Letchworth Residency with Eleanor Breeze

The Letchworth Residency with Eleanor Breeze - Credit: Broadway Gallery

Eleanor’s work reimagines memories and old photographs to create scenes that may or may not have occurred in the past.

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Often set in ageing domestic interiors, the images feature particular icons or evocative objects such as a whisky glass or a favourite pair of shoes that may acquire relic status when viewed retrospectively.

For the residency project, Eleanor would like residents to get involved by sharing their lockdown experience.

Simply email with snapshots of your life over the last year.

Artist Eleanor Breeze in her studio.

Artist Eleanor Breeze in her studio. - Credit: Supplied by Broadway Gallery

This could take the form of a diary entry, it could be a photo of your favourite walking route, details of who you spent lockdown with, a partner, a pet, it could be that you’ve binged TV shows, a favourite recipe or a disastrous home haircut.

Anything you can think of that personifies your lockdown experience, Eleanor would like to hear about it.

From these collected moments Eleanor will build a body of work that will be exhibited at the gallery later in the year.

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