DVD Review: Monster Brawl (18)

(Momentum Pictures)

SOME films are so bad they’re actually entertaining as a result, with audiences able to laugh along at the risible special effects, dubious plots and over-the-top acting. Unfortunately Monster Brawl is just bad.

The premise sounds intriguing. A classic menagerie of monsters including a wolfman, Frankenstein’s legendary creation, the mummy, a witch, a vampire woman and so on are brought into a wrestling ring for a brutal fight to the death.

Ooh, you think, what can possibly be the reason behind this supernatural showdown? Surely the circumstances are going to be very intriguing indeed? You might think this, but unfortunately you’d be very, very wrong.

Instead of being an actual film, this is more like a pro-wrestling show, with each fighter introduced to the audience in a very badly acted sequence before they take to the ring for what are sub-par fights unlikely to entertain your six-year-old nephew, let alone the target viewer of this 18-certificate release.

There is absolutely no semblance of a plot, just a mind-numbing sequence of meaningless clashes between actors dressed up in what really amount to rubbish Halloween costumes. After 10 minutes I wanted to stick pencils in my eyes and head-butt a table, just to bring an end to this torturous, lacklustre piece of trash.

There really is nothing more to say about this terrible, terrible “film” other than a warning to never spend your money on it, never waste 89 minutes of your life watching it, and finally let’s never, ever talk about it again.

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