Defrosted rockabillys in Stevenage

FROZEN in the sub-zero Alaskan tundra during a short tour in the 1950s only to be discovered five decades later and revitalised by the latest in gene manipulation- The Kansas City Cryers certainly have a unique biography.

The group say they were on the cusp of the mid-50s rockabilly wave say they are slowly relearning how to play their instruments and working on remembering some of their hotly-tipped tracks.

Although the tale may seem a bit far-fetched, the Cryers can still get your feet tapping with their old school sound.

The band are playing in Stevenage on Friday as a part of the new Pyramid rock ’n’ roll club, which is proving to be a popular night for the town.

The gig kicks off at 7.30pm at the Times Club, in The Oval.

Tickets are �7 on the door.

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