Deadly choice of Halloween gigs. Mwwwhooooaahhhahahaha!

It’s that time of year again when I try not to write ghoulies and stuff about bumping in the night and so on and so forth, but what the heck, it’s Halloween – and the funk of 40,000 years is about to rise…

The night of evil itself might be next week, but the haunting begins on Saturday with a deadly choice of gigs.

Rolling out the blood red carpet at Club85’s haunted house, the undead Rogue gang host Dead Famous night.

With an uncanny ability to hit the coffin nail on the head, they’ve booked up Dying Inside (featuring the demon barber of Hermitage Road), Vanilla Nightmare, Rot n Rollers The Zipheads and deadsteppers Coda for the evening.

Rogue Charlie Frame cackled: “Following last years Dia De Muertos extravaganza, we made a pact with the devil – in return for putting on some of the best live acts in the business we’ve accidentally awakened the cult of the celeb.”

See Elvis walk (kinda), Steve Irwin talk (sorta) and Amy Winehouse back to black as the dead celebs stumble round. Come as your favourite – Jimmy Saville anyone?

Doors creak open at 8pm with tickets at �6 in advance or �7.50 on the night.

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Elsewhere in Venueville…

Black Dog are released from their chains to scare the willies out of a mosh pit of classic rock lovers at the creepy Coach and Horses in Stevenage High Street.

The Mighty Wonderfuls clamber out of their mouldering crypt to dance the fancy dress party to death at Stevenage’s St Nicholas pub (and no, St Nic won’t save you).

And Trip Fontaine and The Love Reaction rattle their chains at a cowering crowd at Stotfold’s Coach and Horses.

Cos this is thriller, thriller night. And there ain’t no second chance against the thing with forty eyes, girl.