Bumper helping of Bond ends Royston Picture Palace 2016 programme

Daniel Craig in Spectre

Daniel Craig in Spectre - Credit: Archant

It’s the biggest film of the year but if you haven’t seen Spectre yet – or maybe if you have and you just want to catch the latest James Bond adventure again – the team at Royston’s Picture Palace are making it as easy as possible with an extended run of Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as the indestructible 007.

There’s already all sorts of talk about whether he’ll be back on board for a fifth time as the Bond behemoth gears up for its next blockbuster, and gossip about who may be picking up that licence to kill if he does bow out, but for now the Spectre sizzle is still putting bums on seats around the globe.

The film will be the last presentation of 2016 at the Royston venue, with screenings over two weekends.

You can catch it on Friday and Saturday night at 7.30pm and again on the same evenings next week.

And if for some reason you make a new year resolution to work your way back through all the Bond films, it will also be shown on Saturday, January 2. Visit www.roystonpicturepalace.org.uk for more details and to book tickets.

As far as the scuttlebutt about Spectre goes, most people have been giving it a big thumbs up because it ticks most of the Bond boxes.

From the spectacular set piece opening scene in and above the streets of Mexico City it offers gadgets, glamour, globetrotting and good old-fashion grit in handsome measure.

Yes, Judi Dench is missing after pegging out in the final scenes in Skyfall but her influence is still key to the storyline, and stepping up to help fill the void is boyish Ben Whishaw, whose kit king character Q gets a chance to step out of the workshop and see a bit of action.

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Director Sam Mendes wisely doesn’t attempt to outdo the stellar success he enjoyed with his debut 007 outing, and although there is action and adventure galore the set-up aims to have a more human dimension.

The storyline is topical, rather than ludicrous – the baddy has an isolated lair, of course, but Christoph Waltz isn’t concerned so much with world domination as much as controlling all the information that’s available – sounds familiar.

After the storyline zips to and fro, taking in deserts and snow along the way, it all comes back home to London for the finale.

You can see where the money was spent in every shot, supporting cast members like Ralph Fiennes, Lea Seydoux and Andrew Scott do sterling service – it’s another successful mission for the reborn franchise. So what’s next?