Book Review: Why Does E=mc�?

Space, time and everything you think you know about the universe is wrong.

By Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw

Despite it being almost a century since Einstein’s revelations about the nature of nature, most of us still think about the universe and our place in it in a way that would be recognised in ancient Greece - we think of time and space as fixed. But what Einstein’s famous equation shows, and the purpose of this book to explain, is that this is not so. Time, space and even the size of objects is relative and change according to the speed you travel at.

This is of course, very hard to get your head around, and Cox and Forshaw have a good stab at explaining Einstein’s worldview.

They are hampered however by a style that veers wildly between patronising and assumptive and a text written in huge blocks of justified paragraphs that make the dense subject even more dense.

Thanks to Waterstone’s, Stevenage

3 stars