The Barron Knights return to Stevenage for farewell concert as part of the 'Last & Final Joust'

The Barron Knights bring their farewell show 'The Last & Final Joust' to the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage in March.

The Barron Knights bring their farewell show 'The Last & Final Joust' to the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage in March. - Credit: Supplied by the Barron Knights

The Barron Knights are the only group to have toured with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Like the Stones, they are still touring. However, the Knights are set to hang up their instruments.

Before them, they will play one final gig in Stevenage.

It is over 60 years since the Barron Knights were formed in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, and this year on Wednesday, March 16 at 7.30pm they will be celebrating over six decades in the music business with their farewell show 'The Last & Final Joust'.

Rescheduled from April 19, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Barron Knights will be entertaining fans at the Gordon Craig Theatre with their humorous comedy hits, musicianship and vocal harmonies.

Originally known as The Knights of the Round Table, they changed their name to the Barron Knights as it was easier for folks to remember.

The group's first hit record in 1964 was Call Up The Groups and 1965 was even more successful with another hit single with Pop Go The Workers and a 26-week summer season at the London Palladium with Ken Dodd.

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In the 1970s more hits followed, with number three smash A Taste of Aggro – which parodied Rivers of Babylon, Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs, and The Smurf Song – and Live in Trouble, which parodies Angelo.

Local musician Len Crawley currently plays with the band.

Keyboardist Len started out his musical journey during the 1960s in Stevenage and has been a member of the Barron Knights for over 14 years.

He says that when he was asked to join the Barron Knights in 2006, he thought it would be for just a few years but it has exceeded that by more than a decade.

Given the nickname 'The Guv’nors' by their peers, the Barron Knights always go out to entertain, rather than just play songs.

With Pete Langford the only original band member, they are known as one of the most entertaining groups to come out of the 60s and 70s and you will hear stories during the show including the tale of when Brian Epstein asked them to tour with The Beatles.

Reg Dwight, who later became Elton John, was once a session pianist for the band, while they also inspired the Stones' Bill Wyman to go and buy a guitar.

"We love doing our shows but these days it is the traveling to and from shows that has taken its toll and that is why we have, after more than 60 years, decided to call it a day in 2022," said Len.

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