Audio Review: Othello

AFTER a comedy career which has been spiralling into decline for decades, it seemed unlikely that funnyman Lenny Henry would be able to pull off one of Shakespeare’s most demanding and conflicted roles, that of the tortured Moor Othello. With a modern spin on the tragedy finding noble African commander Othello in the service of the Venetian army, the story of his downfall at the hands of the poisonous and jealousy-ridden Iago remains as powerful and moving as it ever was.

Henry received the Evening Standard’s Best Newcomer Award for his stunning performance, which was praised for displaying a depth of character and magnetism which surprised critics, and the production has been met with widespread acclaim for its intense and heartbreaking interpretation of the Bard’s classic. This audio version captures the mesmerising power of the production, and will grip the listener throughout. A remarkable achievement.

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