Audio Review: Journey Into Space - The Host

A NEW mission for the Jet Morgan and his crew in a continuation of the original Journey Into Space radio serial which gripped audiences gathered around their wirelesses in the 1950s. The previous play, Frozen In Time, which saw Jet aged into his ‘80s by a malfunction with the suspended animation equipment, is conveniently ignored here, and this instalment is a one-off adventure harking back to the days of the original serials, but with some simple updating for contemporary audiences. Boarding an abandoned space freighter, Jet (Toby Stephens) and Doc (Alan Marriott) discover a digitised personality locked inside the ship’s computer, and unwittingly unleash a deadly threat…

A fast-paced, innovative script is supported by excellent voice acting and sound effects, fully immersing the listener into the story. A first-rate return for a classic sci-fi series, and an excellent audio play in its own right.

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