Audio Review: Are You Being Served? The Clock

A SELECTION of four classic episodes from different series of the hit TV show, with linking narration from the late Wendy Richard. All your favourites from the staff at Grace Brothers are here, including Mrs Slocombe, Miss Brahms, Captain Peacock and Mr Humphries, and the show translates admirably to audio thanks to excellent scripting from writing legends Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft.

The innuendo is as obvious as you remember it, and the storylines themselves border on the preposterous, but there’s something so reassuringly familiar and inviting about this sitcom that you can’t help but laugh, and before you know it a whole episode has flashed by. Priceless television comedy of the sort they don’t make any more, and a guilty pleasure which is hard to resist. Episodes include Our Figures Are Slipping, the Clock, Founder’s Day and The Agent.