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The Queen (12A) Stephen Frears s luxurious film about the relationship between HM Queen Elizabeth II and Tony Blair following the death of Princess Di. All the plaudits will go to Helen Mirren but Michael Sheen s performance as Blair, visiting a character

The Queen (12A) Stephen Frears's luxurious film about the relationship between HM Queen Elizabeth II and Tony Blair following the death of Princess Di. All the plaudits will go to Helen Mirren but Michael Sheen's performance as Blair, visiting a character he played in Frears's The Deal, is once again sensational. 4/5

* DOA - Dead or Alive (15) This movie version of the hit game DOA is a likeable film but like many video games adaptations that have gone before it struggles to adequately keep you excited for its entirety. 3/5

* The Night Listener (15) A radio DJ whose life is falling apart begins talking to his biggest fan over the phone, but things aren't all they seem. The Night Listener is best described as Sleepless in Seattle for paranoid people. 1/5

* Monster House (PG) An animated comedy all about a house - that is a monster. It's a nice idea and is executed quite well; well enough to keep the young ones entertained. 3/5

* Lage Raho Munnabhai (PG) Director Rajkumar Hirani revisits Bombay hustlers Munna and Circuit who were last seen in Munnabhai MBBS. This is great feel good cinema which has you laughing and crying and feeling silly all at the same time. 4/5

* Right At Your Door (15) Dirty bombs explode spreading toxic ash and panic across Los Angeles. Everyone is told to stay indoors so what will happen once Lexi, played by Mary McCormack, gets home to find her husband has already boarded up their home? 4/5

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* Beerfest (15) Two brothers go to Germany to spread their grandfather's ashes when they stumble upon Beerfest - a sort of Olympics for beer drinking. Despite a frosty reception from their German cousins, the boys soon get into the beer swigging swing of things. 2/5

* Little Miss Sunshine (15) A motivational speaker is attempting to flog his book programme for success - without much success. He has to deal with his 'interesting' family who all come together thanks to a beauty contest. 3/5

* Pulse (15) When friends, including singer Christina Milian, start receiving emails from a dead friend they dismiss it as a glitch but they soon realise this is something much worse. This is a chilling mixture of computers and terror. 4/5

* You, Me and Dupree (12A) Owen Wilson's slacker persona gets another airing in this competent, likable and funny film. He plays the Dupree of the title who finds himself invited to move in with his newly-married friends after he loses his job. 4/5

* The Wicker Man (12A) Nicholas Cage stars in this remake of the classic 1970s thriller. Cage stars as a police officer who travels to a remote island to help his former girlfriend find her daughter, and gets tangled up in all sorts of ancient traditions. 3/5

* The Sentinel (12A) Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, Eva Longoria, and Kim Basinger star in this political thriller. Twenty years have passed since a secret service agent saved a President's life. As a conspiracy unfolds within the White House, he realises he might have to do the same again. 4/5

* Little Man (12A) Dumb comedy is taken to new heights in this film about a vertically challenged criminal Calvin Sims (Marlon Wayans). If you liked cross-racial drag flick White Chicks by the same people you will like this. 1/5

* Crank (18) Frenetic action thriller staring Jason Statham as a hit man who has been injected with a serum which will kill him if his heart rate falls below a certain level. Not subtle or necessarily entirely logical but good enough if you like that sort of thing. 2/5

* Severance (15) A team-building exercise goes badly wrong in this comedy horror by Creep writer/director Christopher Smith. 4/5

* Volver (15) Penelope Cruz teams up with Pedro Almodóvar again for this ghost story of a woman (Cruz's mother, played by Carmen Maura) who comes back from the grave. Cruz gives a standout performance in this touching, funny film. 4/5

* John Tucker Must Die (12A) Desperate Housewives heartthrob Jesse Metcalf plays a hunk (surprise surprise) who's broken too many hearts and whose ex-girlfriends are now determined to get someone to break his. 2/5

* Cars (PG) A flash and brash racing car, voiced by Owen Wilson, gets stuck in a small town and comes to appreciate the slower pace of life. Not a bad film but it doesn't quite have the magic of Pixar's other CGI tales. 3/5

* Garfield 2 (U) Garfield (Bill Murray) and his owner Jon (Breckin Meyer) travel to London so Jon can propose to his girlfriend Liz (Jennifer Love Hewitt). Taken to live in a life of luxury after being confused with a wealthy cat Garfield becomes the target of a jealous rival. 2/5

* Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest (12A) The sequel to Johnny Depp's last film. Wildly silly and over the top,this sees more of Captain Jack Sparrow's misadventures including his battles against villain Bill Nighy's Davy Jones. 4/5