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Date Movie (12A) Another spoof movie from the makers of Scary Movie, Date Movie fails to pull it off as a clever comedy. Simply mimicking some weak observations from other romantic comedies doesn t do enough to make this film stand out. 2/5 * Lucky Number

Date Movie (12A) Another spoof movie from the makers of Scary Movie, Date Movie fails to pull it off as a clever comedy. Simply mimicking some weak observations from other romantic comedies doesn't do enough to make this film stand out. 2/5

* Lucky Number Slevin (18) Slevin (played by Josh Hartnett) moves into a friend's New York flat and simultaneously a whole lot of trouble. A case of mistaken identity, two criminal kingpins and lovely Lucy Liu. 3/5

* The Fog (15) A predictable horror story with a nautical theme and lots of rolling fog to make everything quite grey really. It's not very scary and it won't make you laugh, so sadly it fails to impress on many levels. 2/5

* Seven Swords (15) A tale of 17th century swordsmanship that follows a group of warriors in their quest to defeat a tyrant and save the last free village from oppression. A traitor in the ranks complicates matters. 2/5

* Good Night, and Good Luck (PG) George Clooney stars in this black and white film set 50 years ago. It follows the journalist Ed Murrow and his CBS News team's battle against the excesses of Senator Joe McCarthy's anti-Communist witchhunts. 4/5

* Proof (12A) Gwyneth Paltrow and Jake Gyllenhaal star in this epic tale of a woman's struggle to prove her sanity among an array of evidence indicating otherwise. A subtle, slowly unfolding mystery, that delves interestingly into the depths of human sanity and identity. 4/5

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* Casanova (12A) Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller bring this latest tale about the legendary lothario to the big screen. Happy endings all round and the beautiful backdrop of Venice but somewhat lacking in passion and romance. 2/5

* Chicken Little (U) An animated Disney film that follows the barmy bantam who warns the town that the sky is falling in. Ridiculed at first, his fears soon prove well-founded. 4/5

* Aeon Flux (15) Set in 2415. Charlize Theron stars as rebel Aeon Flux, on a mission to assassinate an apparent dictator of the last surviving human city-state. A hesitation before the crucial kill, however, sees both assassin and target on the run. 2/5

* Final Destination 3 (15) Another sequel and more of the same so if you liked the first two you'll enjoy this. A high school senior has a premonition involving a fatal accident at an amusement park. Her and her friends take fright and try to dodge fate, but such antics have their price... 3/5

* Big Momma's House 2 (PG) Another instalment in the Big Momma saga and this time FBI agent Malcolm Turner goes undercover and works as a nanny for a troubled woman under suspicion for murder. 2/5

* The Little Polar Bear: The Mysterious Island (U) Little ones will enjoy this colourful adventure but they may be the only ones. Lars, the little polar bear, becomes an accidental stowaway with his friends and embarks upon an exciting journey to a world of turtles, volcanoes and giant sea creatures. 3/5

* Walk The Line (12A) Joaquin Pheonix plays a singer who escapes the Arkansas grind for the brighter lights of Memphis. He has a young family waiting back home and as success seems on the horizon he seems to have it all. But there are two things that could totally destroy this: drugs and Reese Witherspoon's character. 4/5

* Zathura - A Space Adventure (PG) Two bored brothers in constant sibling turmoil are bickering at home one day when they uncover an old board game in the cellar. In Jumanji style, they are transported to outer space where they risk being stranded unless they complete the game successfully. 3/5

* Derailed (15) When Clive Owen meets Jennifer Aniston on a commuter train a trail of destruction begins as they start a dangerous affair. 2/5

* Munich (15) A fictionalised account of real events, Munich is a quality thriller and a solid attempt at tackling a difficult subject. 4/5

* Rumour Has It (12A) Jennifer Aniston stars in this colourful film with inspirations from The Graduate, but it could be described as a bit of an icky romance lacking in any real substance. 3/5

* Fun With Dick and Jane (12A) Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni star in a remake of the 1977 George Segal and Jane Fonda film. Funny and with some interesting observations on modern culture but not as razor-sharp as the original. 3/5

* Memoirs of a Geisha (12A) Beautiful big screen adaptation of Arthur Golden's best selling novel. 3/5

* Brokeback Mountain (15) Gay cowboy love story staring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. Director Ang Lee captures the western mode well and both leads turn in fine performances. 3/5

* Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (PG) A sequel to 2004's film with Steve Martin. Two families find themselves in competition with each other while on holiday. 1/5

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