Anarchy in LGC

ANARCHY comes to North Herts this weekend when the forefathers of punk and music’s first true anti-heroes get the cover band treatment twice in as many nights.

Sex Pistols impersonators The Pistols are playing at Letchworth’s Plinston Hall tomorrow night (Friday), with tickets priced at �11 on the door and Saturday night at The Red Lion in Stevenage with no entrace fee.

Formed in 2004, The Pistols play with all the shambolic enthusiasm, unmatched energy and sheer grit that saw their heroes turn music on its head, and inspire a way of thinking for future generations.

Recognising the huge interest and demand for The Sex Pistols and for punk rock in general, four professional dedicated musicians and lifelong punk fans set about forming the perfect tribute act to salute the success and satisfy the public demand.

Expect classics such as Anarchy in the UK, Pretty Vacant and God Saved the Queen, as well as a special Sid Sings tribute to Sid Vicious, featuring My Way and I Wanna be Your Dog.