Singer-songwriter Aimi P releases Family single for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Aimi P with her niece Mia and her brother James, and the cover of single Family.

Aimi P with her niece Mia and Mia's brother James, and the cover of single Family. - Credit: Aimi P

A Hertfordshire-based singer-songwriter is releasing a single this week to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

'Family’ is a new track by pop songstress Aimi P, due for release on September 24 for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Aimi P released her debut single ‘Mr M’ in October 2020 followed by ‘Walk Away’ at the beginning of 2021. 

Aimi wrote ‘Family’ from personal experiences after her beautiful niece Mia was diagnosed with leukaemia at just 17 months old. 

The cover of Aimi P's CD single Family

The cover of Aimi P's single Family - Credit: Aimi P

Mia’s mum, Lisa, tells the story so far. 

"In January 2018 we received the terrifying news that the littlest member of our family had been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

"She was very poorly and was transported straight to Addenbrooke's Hospital intensive care unit where they began her aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

"The oncologist told us that there was a 93 per cent cure rate for this kind of leukaemia but Mia would have to endure two-and-a-half years of chemotherapy treatment to make sure all the cancer cells were destroyed."

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Lisa added: "Mia had her final chemotherapy dose and lumbar puncture in May 2020 and celebrated this virtually due to Covid restrictions.

"However, only two months later we were told that the leukaemia was already back and treatment began again immediately, which took a huge toll on Mia's body.

Aimi P with her niece Mia and Mia's brother James.

Aimi P with her niece Mia and Mia's brother James. - Credit: Aimi P

"Mia needed a bone marrow transplant and they began the search for Mia's best donor match. They tested her big brother James, and he was a match.

"He immediately agreed to do it and was beyond amazing and brave throughout all the testing, the procedure, and the recovery.

"Mia has to be closely monitored for many more years to come as risk of relapse, rejection and complications are still high. But she is thankfully doing well so far.

"We still need to keep Mia off of school and away from crowds while her immune system is rebuilding.

"Next year she will also need to have all her childhood vaccinations again as they have been wiped from her system.

"It’s a long and frightening journey but we are thankful that Mia is still with us and we are all thoroughly enjoying her funny, kind and expressive little character."
To give Aimi P's song ‘Family’ a real family feel, both Mia and James are involved in the single, as well as students of Diverse Performing Arts in Sawbridgeworth and Liverpool.

Aimi said: "I wanted to release this in September for families to feel connected and create a sense of togetherness for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

"It has been a big job pulling it all together and I'm so grateful to every single person involved."

For more information about the single, visit @Itsnotgonnabeasadsong on Facebook and Instagram.