IT PRODUCED some of the biggest names in music, and now it’s time to relive the 70s again.

The aptly named I Love The 70s will be at the Gordon Craig this week, showcasing a diverse mix of music from the decade.

From rock and disco, to pop, glam and punk, writers have made sure all genres are covered.

Speaking to the Comet ahead of the show, cast member Jane Ellis-Forshaw said: “It’s quite a generic show and covers all different aspects of the 70s.

“It’s a lively show, very energetic, with sparkly costumes, special effects and obviously the music.

“Hopefully, there’s something in there for everyone.”

Music from some of the world’s greatest musical artists are featured, including Blondie, Abba, Bay City Rollers, Sweet, T Rex, David Bowie, and Donna Summer.

Tickets for the event, which will be held on Thursday from 7.45pm, can be bought from

They cost £17.50.