A SINGER labelled “the next big thing” will be playing in Stevenage this weekend.

Meagan Grace Merryweather will be one of the acts playing at The Practice Roomz on Saturday.

The 24-year-old, who will be backed up by Marksman (two-thirds of Stevenage band Gekko), has been labelled as “the next big thing” by promoter livemusicman’s Barry Exton.

Meagan, who is from Stevenage, plays a mix of soul and acoustic with a “funky” edge. She joined up with Marksman when she recently bumped into them at The Practice Roomz during a rehersal session.

The former Barnwell pupil, who writes her own material, said: “It’s all coming along really quickly.

“We work well together as a band, and we’ll now be looking to take it into London.

“This weekend is going to be amazing – I can’t wait.”

Caj from The Tubries will also be taking to the stage at the Pond Close industrial estate venue, with Roxy Searle performing as well.

Entry to the event, which starts at 7pm, costs £5.