DUO Chas and Dave will make a stop-off in Stevenage as part of their UK tour next weekend.

And ahead of the gig, Chas spoke to the Comet about what the audience can expect from what he calls “the Chas and Dave story”.

The Benington singer, who has worked with some big names over the years, says he is really looking forward to performing in front of a Stevenage audience.

“We go to the old Stevenage Gordon Craig quite often, me and my wife use it,” he told the Comet.

“The crowds are excellent.”

The crowds for his own shows vary, with the appeal of the duo appealing to all ages.

“It’s always been right across the board from kids to the older generation,” said Chas.

“We get more teenagers and 20 year olds in the audience now, since people like Pete Docherty sang our praises and said we are a big influence.

“Not many people haven’t heard us over the years. I approach a show in the way I would like to see my favourite artists.”

Wednesday’s show, which has now sold out, will feature the band’s best hits including the likes of Margate and Rabbit.

But which is Chas’ favourite?

“Ain’t No Pleasing You,” he admits.

“It’s the song I’m most proud of, one I wrote before I got together with Dave. I wanted to write something that would be taken seriously. It’s an achievement to me.”