STANDON Calling organisers have revealed another generous helping of music for this year’s event.

Five-piece Dutch Uncles are one of the latest names to be added to the list.

The Mancunian outfit are three albums into their career and specialise in guitar-driver pop.

Andy Proudfoot, from the band, said: “We’re very excited about being added to this year’s Standon Calling, not least because of the great line-up but also fact that we’ve just learnt it has a swimming pool!

“Our band rider always includes a request to the nearest pool. We’ve packed our Speedos... keep your eyes and ears out for a lot of art-pop and white flesh.”

Josephine, also from Manchester, will be adding something different to the Hertfordshire festival, bringing her West Indian and Jamaican heritage woven into her soul sound.

And Craig Charles, who is as well known in the music scene as in his role as an actor, will be making an appearance.

Also added to the line-up are Treetop Flyers, Autoheart, Smooth and Turrell Soundsystem, Carnival of Souls, Silvermoths and Silver Darter.

It’s also good news for fans of the local music scene, with Maddox taking to the Standon Calling stage as the second of the local acts signed up to appear at the festival.

Organisers are keen to offer something up for everyone, and have unveiled a special ticket allowing festival-goers to become stars of the show via Standon People’s Circus.

Ringmaster Gerald Barclay-Balding has pulled out all the stops to bring together an experienced and talented team of circus performers to teach the ways of The Big Top.

All tickets for the event, which will be held on the weekend of August 2, can be bought from