These days women have it all – or do they? That’s something examined in Sarah Sigal’s new play World Enough And Time, which gets its amateur premiere at Hitchin’s Queen Mother Theatre this week.

The show jumps between three eras – there’s present-day high-flyer Celia who seems to have a top career, money in the bank and a picture-perfect family before a friend from her past appears and her privileged life quickly starts to crumble.

Then there’s 1930s journalist Pamela, assigned to interview little-known American socialite Wallis Simpson and being pushed beyond her comfort zone.

And we also meet Civil War noblewoman Lady Anne, heading a household which is struggling to survive the winter with Cromwell’s Army bearing down on them and with quite enough troubles without the spectre of witchcraft to contend with.

The show opens on Wednesday in the theatre’s Richard Whitmore studio space, and runs until Saturday with performances at 7.45pm each evening.

The Bancroft Players production is directed by Vivien Kerr and the cast features Louise Wileman, Fay Worboys and Greta Johnson.

Tickets are £8 and you can book online at or by calling 01462 455166.