A thrilling story of jealousy, betrayal and murder is on offer at Hitchin’s Market Theatre as the venue’s latest play takes up residence in Sun Street.

London actress Alice Pitt-Carter is in the spotlight in The Shadow, a one-woman play about a sister who is all loving and kindness and yet falls victim to the corrupting powers of uncontrollable love and passion.

The forces of jealousy overpower her innocence and although she is aware that she is setting off down a path that can only lead to eventual destruction, she is drawn inextricably into a web of evil.

Alice, who is making her first appearance at the Hitchin theatre, says: “People are going to be scared by this show, it has moments that will surprise them.”

The Shadow runs until Saturday, November 22, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

The curtain goes up at 7.30pm and you can book your tickets by calling 01462 433553 or visiting www.markettheatre.co.uk.