Once upon a time pop impresario Larry Parnes made sure all his boys had names to suit their on-stage personae.

The Comet: Vince EagerVince Eager (Image: Archant)

There was Billy Fury, Marty Wilde, Johnny Gentle, even Georgie Fame.

So the man who was born Roy Taylor, a talented performer of the 1950s skiffle boom, became Vince Eager.

And even though he’s now well into his 70s – in fact, he’s 76 today – he’s still obviously eager to perform.

After falling out with Parnes over the way he exploited the tragic car crash death of his friend Eddie Cochran, Vince moved into theatre and cabaret work and put in a five-year shift as Elvis in the West End, as well as making a name for himself on cruise ship circuit.

But it’s clear where his roots lie, as the title of his 2014 album Rockabilly Dinosaur makes plain.

Back in the day Stevenage was a regular slot on the touring timetable for up and coming rockers, and Vince was no exception.

But he last played in the town in 1960, so when he takes to the stage at the Old Town Social Club in Stevenage High Street next Friday night nobody could say it’s a premature encore.

He’ll be accompanied by The Fantoms, who have been rocking their own route since the 1980s, and only original material from his heyday in the 1950s and early 1960s will be pumping out from 8pm to midnight.

Tickets for the June 12 gig are £10, call 07889 810326 to find out more.