You don’t usually associate a whodunnit with a Women’s Institute meeting, but that’s the combination being put on stage by the Fairfield Players this week.

Their latest production is the thriller Deadlier Still, written by Claire Jones and set in the side room of a large hall where county WI officers are meeting.

Why do the chairman and the treasurer keep sticking their oar in? Who is the guest speaker?

Claire, who is based in Mid Beds, specialises in these murder mysteries set in everyday Britain, with lots of audience participation built into the evening’s entertainment.

Members of the audience do their best to pick up on the clues and dismiss the red herrings during the first half of the drama, and then during a fish and chip interval supper they’ll get the chance to quiz characters in a bid to solve the case.

There’s a prize for the winning table which cracks the case and there are two performances – one tomorrow, Friday, night and another on Saturday.

Curtain up at the Memorial Hall in Hallworth Drive, Stotfold is at 7.45pm.

Drama detectives can bring their own drink but entry is by ticket only.

They’re £10 from Cards and Crafts in Stotfold – you can also email or call 01767 631265.