It could all get a bit emotional when members of the Gordon Craig Theatre’s drama academy take to the stage on Thursday night.

Their Stevenage Festival showcase, titled All You Need Is Love, will see nearly 100 members drawn from junior and senior classes come together for a fifth anniversary show inspired by their experiences over the years.

Artistic and creative manager Catherine Lomax said: “The title was chosen by some of our senior students and the class tutors who have been involved since we rebranded the academy in 2010.

“All agreed that the show needed to be a celebration of how hard everyone works, because of the team’s passion to create a friendly and supportive atmosphere while working towards the highest quality performances.”

All You Need Is Love includes dance routines, acting sketches and singing, and has been shaping up for more than a year since the academy was first invited to take part in the Festival programme.

Rehearsals began in earnest in April, with weekly sessions since then.

Catherine said: “We hope the show demonstrates that as long as you love what you are doing and have a passion for what you are working on then you can achieve anything.

“The famous Beatles song All You Need is Love features as our signature tune but we are also including scenes from the film Love Actually, songs from the musical Hairspray and Taylor Swift’s hit Love Story.

“It will be pretty emotional for us all as a few of our members who have been with us since 2010 will be leaving to go to university after the summer and we will miss them all terrifically.

“Jack Cook has been one of our founding members and even teaches some of the junior classes – this will be his last show with us before he heads off to university.

“We are so proud of Jack and all of our students and we will really miss them.

“This performance will be a celebration of all their talents and a chance for our new members to shine!”

It’s curtain up at 7.45pm, and tickets are £13 for adults with £11.50 concessions.

Visit the Gordon Craig box office at or call 01438 363200 to check availability.