The ranks at Stevenage Male Voice choir always welcome replenishments – and organisers have decided that the best people to target are the ladies.

Why? Because as men themselves, they know where the power lies. Men might be interested in their offer, but it’s the women who will actually get things gone.

The choir’s Bob Parsons said: “It is said that behind every successful man is a woman – usually a very caring and intelligent one – and we are happy to put that to the test.

“The wives and partners of many men take a great and influential interest in that man’s health and wellbeing.

“How many times have we heard a man say that the wife has put him on a diet or persuaded him to join a gym?

“These days we are all more conscious of the need to live a healthy lifestyle and we are constantly advised through the media on how best to achieve the desired results.

“Singing provides a wonderful opportunity to expand the lungs, and learning the words and music helps to keep the brain active.

“We’re opening our doors to both men and women for our rehearsal evening next Friday, March 18, when visitors will have a chance of listening to a wide variety of music, traditional and modern, much of it sung in four-part harmony, and to chat to our members over a cup of tea to learn about our fundraising and social activities.”

It all happens at the Community Arts Centre on Stevenage’s Roaring Meg retail park, from 8pm.

Bob said: “Many men who profess that they are unable to sing have voices quite good enough to belong to a choir. They can experience the pleasure of singing with the choir, and ladies can encourage their man to stay fit and healthy by bringing him along – and join in as well if they wish. Everyone will be made most welcome.”

If you can’t make the date, you can find out more about the choir at