If you’ve got a big date to celebrate, it makes sense to do what you love to mark the big day.

And that’s why Stuart O’Connor, right, will be on stage at Hitchin’s Club 85 on Sunday night.

He’s aiming to top off 10 years of making independent music, looking back over a decade which has seen him rack up nearly 2,000 shows happily marching to his own tune.

It was in March 2006 that Stuart released his first solo record at the same venue, putting the nine to five routine behind him to hit the road playing his trademark psychedelic folk and live looping.

He says: “At that time what lay ahead was a mystery except that I had some songs and a van.

“The road has taken me through Asia, Oceania and Europe many times. I have played in pubs, taverns, bars, venues, cafes, live houses, arenas, churches, record shops, pet shops, on mountains, boats, beaches, marinas, gardens, houses – and all the way keeping the music my own, while doing my best to let the journey inspire me forward.

“This set will be a fitting book end to a decade of random road time, coming full circle to my home venue.” It’s a chance to play through songs from the acoustic beginnings to the electronica of present day with rare musical accompaniment.”

Also on the acoustic bill are The Defekters, The Scam, Papahone, and Gavin Chappell Bates, and it’s only a fiver to get in. Visit www.club-85.co.uk for full details.