Once upon a time they said comedy was the new rock’n’roll, but the two can live happily side by side – and the proof is in a new night at Hitchin’s Club 85.

Headlining at the new Fly In The Ointment comedy club at the Whinbush Road venue on Thursday night is circuit veteran Ian Cognito.

Always something of a maverick, he has been compared in the past to the likes of Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, and Jerry Sadowitz.

But he’s never been the cuddliest of comedians, which is one reason that mainstream success has eluded him despite his undoubted talent.

The evening runs from 7.45pm to 11pm and Bex Darmody, Don Biswas and Charley Harrison will also feature on the bill, as well as one other turn, a musical comedy duo whose name can’t be mentioned in a family newspaper.

The first acts are due on stage at 8.30pm and the whole shebang will only set you back a fiver. Find out what else is on at the venue at www.club-85.co.uk.