Young members of Stevenage’s Lights Up Theatre Academy, pictured right, are cracking on with a nutty notion of a show which will come to fruition on Saturday afternoon.

May Contain Nuts – written by Barbara Hockley and directed by Kate Harding and Gemma Smith – is a crazy one-act comedy which will be performed at the Lytton Theatre in Vardon Road at 2.30pm.

It’s all about a boy who wants to write a safe and sensible story but can’t control his imagination and as a result encounters all sorts of outlandish characters from vampires to pirates, travelling with his new friends on a perilous mission to track down a treasure trove.

The team promise lots of laughs from the young cast who have packed an amazing amount of energy into their latest production.

If you’d like to be there, tickets are £5.50 and can be booked by calling 07960 977623.

You can find out more about the academy, which meets on Saturday afternoons, at