A quartet of indie rockers who split up five years ago are set to finally make their mark on Hitchin’s live music scene with their first show this weekend.

The Comet: Hitchin band Ostler, made up of Jared Checketts and Luke Jones. Picture: OstlerHitchin band Ostler, made up of Jared Checketts and Luke Jones. Picture: Ostler (Image: Archant)

Was Golden feature brothers Dan, Matt and James Fellows, with Joly Checketts completing the line-up – and they’ll be appearing alongside Hitchin grunge-pop favourites Ostler, made up of Jared Checketts and Luke Jones.

Was Golden released four tracks in 2012 before going their separate ways – three to uni, one Down Under – and Joly said they hadn’t ever expected to reunite on stage.

He told the Comet: “The idea for this reunion was born from a late-night conversation after a few (too many) beers. A couple of months later, here we are.

“It feels great to be playing and writing music together again. A lot has changed in those five years, so it feels quite cathartic to be playing the songs we wrote together so long ago. They never really saw the light of day back then, so it feels good to finally be able to play them live.

“Matt can now officially grow a moustache. My voice is not as high-pitched as it used to be. James is a married man. Dan is a strawberry oligarch in Australia.

“The fans have reacted with unparalleled jubilation, for the most part. Our small but loyal fanbase has been waiting patiently for this moment for five years – so naturally the moment has gone down rather well.”

Saturday’s show at Molly Malones in Nightingale Road starts with special guests at 7.45pm, with the Was Golden set starting at 8.15pm. Ostler come on at 9pm, and from 10pm onwards Was Golden and Ostler will DJ until late.

Asked if the band might get back together in Hitchin again in another few years’ time, Joly said: “We’ll never say never. I don’t think we’ll say never, anyway – I suppose the answer is heavily dependent on how well the show goes on Saturday.

“If it goes badly, then at least we’ve got a two-hour DJ set to redeem ourselves with after the gig. Yes, that was a plug for our DJ set. See you there!”

Jared, half of the Ostler line-up, also answered a few questions for the Comet.

Asked what above all set them apart as a band, he said: “Being hip, down and regular cool chaps.”

Regarding their future, he said: “Australia, USA, who knows? In the meantime, writing songs that some people remember some of the words to is enough.”

To find out more, see facebook.com/events/1596573873715561.