A pop singer and producer from Walkern will premiere her fifth single on BBC 6 Music tomorrow.

Lauren Deakin-Davies’ – also known by her stage name DIDI – will release her latest single Fickle Friends on the national radio.

The news comes shortly after her smash success at the NMG Awards earlier this month.

The awards ceremony saw the 23-year-old take home the Producer of the Year award for the second year running, as well as Breakthrough Artist of the Year for her work as a singer.

Elements contributing to these wins included seven plays on BBC 6 Music, as well as a number of features in music blogs and magazines.

To help with exposure and getting her name out there, DIDI has performed a number of gigs, which took her across the country to places such as Brighton, Birmingham and Bristol.

DIDI was also chosen to play for Collide Festival at the Royal Albert Hall, as a support act for Toploader in High Wycombe and the main stage at Wilkestock festival on the outskirts of Stevenage.

The 23-year-old said: “I was surprised to win these two awards – it’s so motivating.

“Being a self-taught producer, I am learning all the time and pushing my boundaries – and this has given me a real boost.

“Producer of the Year is such an honour, especially as it’s determined by votes.

“This is the second year in a row that I’ve been lucky enough to win it.”

The NMG Awards celebrates the talent and achievements of local artists based within 50 miles of Cambridge.

This year’s event took place earlier this month at The Apex in Bury St Edmunds.

“The other award was for DIDI, my stage name for my pop/punk act which I perform both solo and with a band,” Lauren continued.

“I started performing as DIDI last year. It’s such a thrill to be noticed in this way.

“To celebrate, I have decided to rush release my fifth single, Fickle Friends, which will be debuted on Monday, October 1, on BBC 6 Music.

“It’s been confirmed by presenter Chris Hawkins for a radio premiere.

“It’s a big deal for me as an independent self-releasing artist and it’s very exciting.”

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