Following the easing of lockdown restrictions, the reopening weekend of a Letchworth gallery proved to be a sell-out success.

Broadway Gallery opened its doors last weekend for the first time in over five months.

Letchworth art fans were queuing up to be first to see the latest exhibition, Fiona Curran’s Jump Cut, Still Life, with new painted, textile and sculptural works.

The Comet: The opening weekend of the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth.The opening weekend of the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth. (Image: Broadway Gallery)

The first weekend was a sell out, and bookings for the first few weeks are filling up fast.

Kris Day, the curator at Broadway Gallery, said: “We’ve worked really hard over the long period of closure to continue to provide a programme of engaging art to the people of Letchworth.

"The digital showcase of Fiona’s show has already been online for a month, with videos, talks and podcasts. Before that, we showcased 300 works online for the first-ever Letchworth Open exhibition.

"We set up weekly challenge activities, published artist interviews, gave out awards to local children, and awarded the Dekkle Print prize and Curators Choice bursaries.

"We wanted to get art on display in the places people could still visit too – that’s why we launched Letchworth Open Windows, and launched Fiona’s show with her installation at 33 Station Road."

The Comet: Visitors admiring Fiona Curran’s Jump Cut, Still Life exhibition at the Broadway Gallery in LetchworthVisitors admiring Fiona Curran’s Jump Cut, Still Life exhibition at the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth (Image: Broadway Gallery)

Kris added: “We’ve helped local artists put on three exhibitions in empty shops as part of the Letchworth Culture Project.

"It’s all been a great success, with the people of Letchworth telling us how much it has meant to be able to continue engaging with art over this difficult time – but there’s nothing quite like being able to walk around the gallery itself, and I’m so delighted that we can open our doors again.”

Anna Fairchild was the first visitor to walk through the doors of the gallery. Anna said: "It was wonderful to be back in this great space again.

"The exhibition really gives you time and space to dwell on some of the ideas Curran explored in her practice.

"Of course, it’s a shame visitor numbers are limited but having the gallery almost to yourself feels like a privilege – almost like a VIP showing to really look closely at this interesting body of work.”

Fiona Curran’s Jump Cut, Still Life is open until July 4 and includes vivid and joyous textile pieces located on the walls and floor alongside an architectural installation.