The ‘Shop Safe, Shop Local’ campaign is still active in Stevenage, helping businesses to thrive and shoppers to make the most of the town centre while staying safe.

Sandra Barr, Mayor of Stevenage, shares nine simple things you can do to protect yourself and others while catching up with loved ones and showing support for the town.

1. Keep to the signs

Stevenage Borough Council has invested time and money into ensuring it’s easy for you to make your way through the town safely. We’ve put up signs to ensure that social distancing measures are maintained when walking or queuing. We want people to enjoy the town after a long lockdown, and to feel secure when they’re out and about.

2. Use facemasks when prompted

The Comet: Sandra Barr will serve as Stevenage mayor for 2021/22Sandra Barr will serve as Stevenage mayor for 2021/22 (Image: Pete Stevens)

We’re one of the few borough councils to have handed out free facemasks throughout the pandemic, as we feel it’s important everyone has access to PPE to help keep us all safe. I understand masks can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, but we encourage everyone to wear them when asked unless you are exempt. Coming together and working as one has never been so important and will help strengthen our community.

3. Make use of the hand sanitiser provided

We’ve ensured there are plenty of hand sanitiser stations placed throughout the town and in all the shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars. It doesn’t take long to use, and this one simple action can be effective at helping to slow the spread of coronavirus.

4. Be mindful of the people around you

Pay attention to the people near you as you walk through the high street and town centre. It’s important that you give them space to move and continue to follow government guidance. This allows everyone to enjoy the town safely, support our local businesses and boost our economy.

5. Remain calm and be kind to others

This has been an odd year for everyone and for many people an anxious and rather worrying time. Remembering to be polite, patient and friendly can help reassure those who may be concerned about leaving the house and bring us all closer together.

It was our local heroes – NHS staff, key workers, shop workers, and many more – who helped keep our town going throughout the last 15 months. They deserve our thanks and to be treated with kindness and respect.

6. Make the most of Stevenage’s stunning outdoor spaces

There are lots of new seating areas to enjoy around town and in many of the cafes and restaurants that have re-opened. Make the most of the sunshine by using the ample outdoor facilities that are on our doorstep. Meeting in a well-ventilated area will allow you to catch up with friends and family safely, offering both you and them peace of mind.

7. Plan a day trip to the park

Stevenage is full of stunning, award-winning gardens, parks and grounds – so why not get out there and use them? You can enjoy a stroll or bike ride through the town or meet loved ones for a picnic.

You can also visit one of our newly planted orchards. It’s just one way we’re helping to make the town a friendly, greener and better place to live.

8. Stay shopping local

Stevenage is full of vibrant, independent local businesses that continue to need your support. By choosing to visit your local store instead of shopping online, you’re helping to reduce waste, cut air miles which is kinder for the planet, put money back into our economy and help save local jobs.

9. Visit the Stevenage Borough Council website

We’ve updated the website to make it easy for you to find the information you need, check current Covid-19 guidelines and explore what’s on in Stevenage town centre. There’s plenty happening this summer to keep you and the whole family entertained.

Visit or check out the FAQs for more information on shopping safely. Follow Stevenage Borough Council on Facebook and Twitter.