A small part of this summer's cancelled Todd in the Hole festival will still take place in north Herts.

Organisers of the family event were forced to cancel the festival for the second year as it fell just outside the government deadline for the 'Freedom Day' of July 19.

However, having consulted with Todd organisers Dave Nye and Mark Watts, local folk music champion Brian Burke has arranged for the folk section of the festival to be transferred to Letchworth Rugby Club on Sunday, July 18.

The Comet: Folk organiser Brian Burke.Folk organiser Brian Burke. (Image: Supplied by Brian Burke)

“We were due to do folk from the woods on Sunday,” said Brian, “so it made sense to take that original programme and transfer it to an outside venue that could stage it, albeit with fewer people in the audience.

"Having done a risk assessment with the rugby club steward, we are pleased to be able to stage the event with an audience of 120 people with the existing bands.”

The line-up will include local bands Skimmington Ride, Beans and Biscuits, and The Tanglers Irregulars, as well as national favourites from the folk world, The Devines.

Rising stars Kelvin Davies and Molly Armstrong will also be performing along with other local acts throughout the day, which runs from 1pm till 8pm.

Places will be available from this Saturday. Call Teresa on 07783 955049 for further details. Tickets will be on a first come basis.