THOSE cheeky chappies at Rogue Promotions have worked their magic and organised another top night of live music.

Fresh from the success of their Christmas and New Year’s Eve events Saturday’s Start Wearing Purple night looks like it will follow in the spirit of those triumphant nights.

With five rowdy acts and the usual mix of DJs spinning whatever tickles their fancy, music lovers are in for a treat.

Dying Inside, Ministers Dead, The Otters, The Zipheads and Glenn & His Inspirers are all booked to play and with the night finishing at 1am there is more than enough time to enjoy yourself.

But I hear you ask why is the night called Start Wearing Purple?

In promoter Charlie Frames own words purple is “a colour associated with nobility and spirituality. Also a colour associated with rock’n’roll: Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Gogol Bordellos and Ritchie Blackmore have all paid tribute to this decadent hue - and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.”

Anyone wearing a significant amount of purple, whatever that means- presumably more than a pair of socks, gets a quid of entrance.

Club 85, as usual, hosts Saturday’s event and entrance is �5.