A ARCHAEOLOGIST, historian and BBC TV presenter will be leading a discussion on the changing shape of the British landscape as he signs his new book next week.

Francis Pryor will be in Letchworth GC on Thursday, April 14, to coincide with his latest work, The Making of the British Landscape, hitting the shelves.

The David’s Bookshop event at the Spirella Ballroom will discuss the changing story of Britain from prehistory to the present day, as it has been preserved in our fields, farms, roads, buildings, towns and villages, mountains, forests and islands.

Mr Pryor, who appears frequently on TV’s Time Team and is the author of Seahenge, as well as Britain BC and Britain AD, both of which he adapted and presented as a Channel 4 series, comes to the town with 30 years of studying the prehistory of the Fens behind him.

He has excavated sites as diverse as Bronze Age farms, field systems and entire Iron Age villages, and explains in his book how clues within the landscape interlock to tell the fascinating history of our land and how people have lived on it.

Tickets are �4 and are refundable if the book is purchased on the evening.

Call David’s Bookshop on 01462 684631 to reserve a space.